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Brooklyn NY ophthalmology

Dry Eye Treatment in Brooklyn

Brooklyn NY ophthalmology

Brooklyn NY ophthalmology

Are your eyes constantly feeling irritated and scratchy? If so, you may have dry eye. There are many treatments for dry eye, and many causes as well. If you need Brooklyn NY ophthalmology treatment, come visit us at Brook Plaza Ophthalmology.

At Brook Plaza Ophthalmology we have four expert eye doctors on staff. They are: Dr. Lish, Dr. Ackerman, Dr. Metz, and Dr. Shafran. For over 30 years our practice has helped thousands of people have better vision. Over the years, many of our patients have come to us in need of dry eye treatment. Dry eye in itself is not a serious condition. Basically the condition is caused by one of two reasons: (1) the eye is not creating an adequate amount of tears or (2) the eye is not creating tears of good quality. However, if this is not treated, the cornea of the eye can become damaged due to the constant irritation it endures. Tears are needed to lubricate the eye and reduce the chance for eye infection by removing tiny particles from the eye. When you come to our practice for Brooklyn NY ophthalmology care, our doctors can determine the reason for your dry eye and provide you with proper treatment to fix the situation.

Our Brooklyn NY ophthalmology treatment can fix your dry eye problem using one or several treatment methods. To begin with, you may benefit from using over-the-counter artificial tear solutions to increase your quantity of tears. You may also need to be treated to have inflammation of the eyelids or eye surface reduced. Prescription eye drops or warm compresses can be helpful with this. Our doctors can also treat you so that natural tears are kept in the eye longer. This is accomplished by either blocking the tear ducts with tiny removable silicone plugs, or surgery can be done to permanently close the tear ducts. Prescription eye drops can also help tear production as do omega-3 fatty acid supplements. If you would like to meet with one of our expert doctors regarding your dry eye problem, make an appointment with us at Brook Plaza Ophthalmology.

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Flatlands Optometrist

Eye Exams in Flatlands

Can you recall the last time you had your eyes examined? Optical examinations are not just for those of us who are currently having our vision corrected, but are in fact a necessity for patients of all ages and optical abilities. Comprehensive vision examinations do far more than just diagnose simple vision problems, they also work to diagnose dangerous optical diseases that can cause total blindness without proper care. To find exactly what your eyes are missing by going without regular vision care, simply visit the experts in your area at your local Flatlands optometrist of the Brook Plaza Ophthalmology.

Many of us believe that if we were not diagnosed with a vision problem in early childhood, than one simply does not exist and never will. Unfortunately, this is not the case by any means. In many cases vision problems can develop so slowly and gradually that they can remain undetected for years, and while a vision exam at your school may be effective for those of us with jarring vision problem at an early age, they cover only a small fraction of the state of the art technology and professional care which patients can only receive with optical examinations from their trusted Flatlands optometrist.

Optical diseases sound like a rare occurrence to many of us, but in fact these destructive illnesses are the number one cause of total blindness in the United States today. This is due to the simple fact that diseases such as cataracts and glaucoma will often show no symptoms until permanent loss of vision has already begun. While many of us believe that these illnesses are mainly attributed to poor vision from a pre-existing condition, this is only one of the many risk factors for permanent sight loss due to optical disease. These include diabetes, UV rays from sun exposure, and even the regular use of prescription steroids. Every eye exam performed at your professional Flatlands optometrist includes the latest in state of the art diagnostic methods to detect vision problems such as glaucoma, cataracts, diabetic retinopathy, and macular degeneration in their earliest stages. Adults will often develop vision problems as early as 40, with regular eye exams requiring greater frequency with age.

Patients of any age and vision level need to be visiting their neighborhood Flatlands optometrist at least once a year in order to stop vision problems and optical diseases from interfering in your life. Our fully licensed and professionally trained staff at the advanced care center of Brook Plaza Ophthalmology have been proudly serving your local community for over thirty years with personalized care powered by state of the art technology. With regular appointments with Brook Plaza Ophthalmology you can insure a lifetime of perfect vision.

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